100 word Challenge

Me and my friends were bored so we went into the woods and we took no notice of the sign it said the forbidding forest no trust passing. We saw the most  amazing thing ever mythical creatures.  We thought they didn’t exist I said well we were wrong one of my friends said. These animals. Are getting to be treated like slaves we should help so we agreed. Stop I said stop treating these animals like slaves the giant said no so we. Had a fist fit and I win sense I have powers to I told my friends I.

One thought on “100 word Challenge”

  1. Hi Ava
    I really liked your 100WC. It was interesting (and maybe based a little on Harry Potter?) Next time re-read your story and try to add punctuation in the correct places. It makes it much easier for the reader.
    Mrs P (Team 100WC)
    Wellington, New Zealand

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